The Inca Trail in the mountains

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The Inca Trail is a famous hike in Peru that takes you through beautiful mountains, forests, and ancient Inca ruins before ending at the stunning Machu Picchu. It’s like walking through a big outdoor museum, but with amazing nature all around you. The trail is about 26 miles long and usually takes four days to complete. Along the way, you get to see incredible views, lots of plants and animals, and cool old stone paths and buildings made by the Incas long ago. It’s a bit of a challenge because of the high altitude and the ups and downs of the mountains, but it’s really rewarding and exciting. For many people, hiking the Inca Trail is a big adventure and a chance to see some truly special places.

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      The Inca Trail in the mountains

      Classic Inca Trail 4 Days Group Hiking Tour

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      Embark on an unforgettable journey on ultimate Inca Trail adventure to Machu Picchu. Our 4-day hiking tour is meticulously designed to offer you an immersive experience along the sacred Inca pathways.
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      4 Days

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      April - October

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